How it works

Users of the CLICK Project can also choose another strategy — purchasing BNB NFT buttons for $BNB tokens.

There are 9 button types:

  1. Common - 0.2 $BNB

  2. Uncommon - 0.5 $BNB

  3. Rare - 1 $BNB

  4. Magic - 2 $BNB

  5. Mystic - 3 $BNB

  6. Gold - 5 $BNB

  7. Platinum - 8 $BNB

  8. Diamond - 10 $BNB

  9. Legendary - 15 $BNB

Any button purchased for BNB has an increased yield of the $CLICK & $BUTN token, over the free button. +10% and more, depending on price of the buttons.

Each button type has its own yield, its own click history, and its own progress.

Users can have several buttons, but only one button of each type. Owning more than one button of the same type is not permitted.

Each of the 9 button types allows the user to receive rewards for clicking in 3 token types simultaneously: $BNB $CLICK $BUTN (start in 10 level)

Claiming each reward is done separately.

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