How it works

Each user can start earning with the CLICK Project with no initial investment.

To start, go to, connect your wallet, choose the BSC network, complete all task in telegram bot and claim your free common button through the website interface. How to start earning the $CLICK token?

1 round consists of 24 cycles. 1 cycle = 1 hour. Each hour, a certain number of clicks is available, for example:

1 hour = 1 click 2 hours = 2 clicks 3 hours = 3 clicks, and so on with +1 click for each hour.

If a user doesn’t click the button during a cycle, their progress stays on the same level.

Each click earns you $CLICK token. Repairing and upgrading the button available in any time. To upgrade the button, users have to meet 1 necessary condition: – user has the necessary number of $BNB tokens for an upgrade.

Tokens can be claimed by clicking the SWAP button.

Claiming the $CLICK token is available after obtaining ≥ 20 $CLICK tokens and having 100% of the button durability.

Button upgrade allows the user to receive a larger reward for every new level.

Common button yield Levels 1 – 15

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