About CLICK project.

The CLICK Project starts a new trend — click-to-earn! Everyone knows play-to-earn and move-to-earn projects, but except 2 or 3 ventures it is impossible to actually earn money, if we are talking about actual crypto games and not “buy low, sell high” token speculation.
What is the CLICK Project? Easy — we learned from the other projects’ mistakes, built smart tokenomics, thought the game mechanics out, released our app to the public and gave our users the ability to earn before listing.
One of the biggest users’ problems is waiting for the product release. Sometimes, the release never happens. The CLICK Project is already here: while you are reading this, someone is already making money!
The rules are very simple: JUST CLICK THE BUTTON! Really, that’s it!
The CLICK Project allows you to earn $BNB, $BUTN, $CLICK.
For users, the project consists of cycles. The number of cycles is unlimited.
1 cycle = 24 hours 1 hour = 1 click, +1 click per one hour 1 click = X $BNB, $BUTN, $CLICK.
Each hour you get a +1 click. If you don’t press the button during the first hour, you get to the next hour. Your clicks expire, however your progress and earnings be less.
After completing each cycle, you need to repair the button.
After moving to the next level, you get +10% to your yield for 1 click.
Your reward is available each cycle after repairing the button, min tokens to claim = 20 $Click
The app will available on